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    Do new valves need grinding? I was planning on reusing my exhaust valves and I sent them off to the machine shop for bead blasting and regrinding, but unfortunately they've been lost in the post by our splendidly incompetent Royal Mail (which is unfortunately what we have to use here in the UK).

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    How to do a quick and cheap valve job on your tractor. How to Do a Valve Job,you more clearance when grinding the valv You will need a special,covers with new gaskets Replace the head when .

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    If you use brand new valves, you will still need to grind the valves and seats to ensure a proper seat. The rockers will need to be adjusted anyway. The rockers will need to be adjusted anyway. Clean the engine head and valves thoroughly.

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    27.05.2008· i removed the old valves and ordered new ones through honda. this is for an 85 110 head. when the new valves get here what do i need to do to the head to make sure they seat properly? i've heard of lapping but i'm not sure how to do it. any instructions would be great. thanks.

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    09.12.2012· TheCousinDan shows you how to replace your valve seals and grind the valves into a proper seat in your cylinder head.

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    CONSIDER DO YOU NEED TO GRIND VALVES ? A . to begin with do a compression check and note what cylinders are low 20 or 30 %,(example some are 85 and some are 120 lbs.) AND THEN B .examine the movement of the valve lift before deciding to remove head see? if valve


    05.10.2013· Automotive technician since 1991 I show how I do a valve grinding job (Lapping Valves) at home using a vacuum hose, drill & compound, don't over think it and don't assume it cant be done. learn

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    11.11.2008· Do I need to lap new valves on a new head? I would of course if i had the compound but i want to avoid buying it if i don't need it. I tried to do the white board felt marker test where you put ink on the mating surface of the valve and see how much rubs off onto the head.

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    Note to students: In the article the example engine is an air-cooled Corvair engine for an aircraft application. It is unlikey you will see too many of these, but the principles and practices explained here can apply to the engines you do work on.

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    Learning how to install and grind valve seats can help solve oil burning issues. The growth in the valves seat insert market can be traced back to the early 1970s.

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    Replacing valve stem seals during a 'valve job' is an automatic must do and often times new valves guides need to be pressed into the cylinder head and then reamed to size. The final factor in controlling the oil is the wear that occurs on the valve stem itself. A worn stem that is severely worn can typically be seen by the naked eye but a digital caliper is the best method. Clearly a worn

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    13.07.2009· Best Answer: Do NOT lap the interference angle out of the valves. It's a very good idea to grind the valves and the seats that way you absolutely know you

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    25.03.2011· Personally I would do a little bit of lapping with a fine paste when fitting new valves or new seats. I wouldn't bother if re-using valves with seats (assuming the valves go back in the same place

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    Definitely lap the valves and make sure you mark or number each valve so it can be fitted to it's matched seat. With a three angle valve job the seats will most likely have been cut to widths of around .060" for the inlets and .080" for the exhaust.

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    To lap valves, you'll need valve grinding compound and a valve lapper, which is basically a wooden dowel with a suction cup on the end. If you're checking the seal on a head that's just come off a car, wire wheel the carbon and gunk off the head and the sealing area and the stem.

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    All you need to learn now is the art of exactly what and where to grind away in order to reshape the ports for best flow. That is going to be different for every motor, and even every different cylinder head casting for each motor. For more of the art behind optimal porting Eastwood offers a 160 page book by David Vizard called

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    It is not simply yanking valves out, putting abrasive paste on them and burnishing the valves into their seats in hopes of improved sealing, despite what you find on the Internet, where there is more folklore than fact assumed to be proper cylinder head rebuilding practice.

    The Inside Angle on Valve Seats: What you need to know

    “You only need to heat the head up to about 160 to 180 degrees F. If you get it too hot, say 200 to 250 degrees F, the guides can move around and change the alignment between the guide and seat. When we do Harley heads, we preheat the head on an electric stove. You can also use a hot plate or a torch for the same purpose.”

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    Show cars and occasional weekend drivers do not need hardened exhaust valve seats, so you might be able to save some money there. Our 289 heads also needed new valveguides. Because our heads suffered at the hands of a previous engine builder,some of the guides had to be completely replaced.

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    All you need to do if you are dealing with such a shop is to take your heads in and tell them what you think is needed in the way of chamber volume and they will a) advise you if this can be done and b) check the volume at interim points during the machining

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    If you’re replacing an integral seat in a cast iron head (and the cylinder head has enough thickness to accept a new seat), the counterbore should be cut to a diameter approximately .100˝ larger than the valve head diameter. The inside diameter of the replacement seat will typically be about .100˝ smaller than the valve head diameter and require a depth of about .188˝ to .250˝ depending

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    High mileage engines generally need their valves re-seating and their seals (where fitted) replacing. For the home mechanic, servicing the cylinder head will generally be limited to decoking the combustion chamber and re-seating the valves.

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    If you do, you would be wrong. The English Rudge of 1929 had a 4 valve head. If you do re-grind the valves make sure the edge of the valve is not sharp or thin and is the correct angle. If it is thin, the valve will overheat and fail. Now we come to the seats. You will need to cut or grind the valve seat, at the correct angle, until it is smooth. That angle is usually 45 degrees. Some small

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    18.08.2011· If the shop used the os valve when they patterned in the seat for the valve job then you will need the os valves to fix it. lap a valve or two on both the int and exh side, the seat should be centered on the valve, if it is running off the outer edge of the valve the seats are too big and will need the OS valves

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    Refacing the valves restores a concentric and square surface for the valve to seal against the valve seat. Most exhaust valves will benefit from a back-cut. The particular exhaust valves I am using in Bob’s head are of a tulip design and need no back cutting.

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    “You stand the valves up, you improve the intake-port angle, you improve compression, right on down the line.” Of course, a good head specialist is going to make it sound easy. Essentially, it is.

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    04.07.2006· If they need to be driven on all the way, we have found that a 3/8” drive 1/2” socket fits the valve seal just about perfect.As with all modifications to performance engines though, you should always measure to assure that there is proper clearance and fit.

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    The seats in some OEM heads may have as little as .002 inch of interference fit which is enough when you are working with brand new heads and new seats. But more interference fit is usually needed in high mileage heads or ones that will be subjected to high horsepower levels. A common recommendation for installing new seats in used heads or aftermarket performance heads is .005 to .006

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    Find out how to avoid the biggest engine-building mistakes and learning from experience, brought to you by Mustang & Fords Magazine.

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    30.08.2010· the conventional way to lap engine valves in is grinding paste and a sucker on a stick and rotating the valve back and forth using the hands. now why cant you use a drill on low speed lubricate the valve stem and take all the weight of the drill so no side ways thrust is placed on the valve guide ?

    Ford Big-Block Guide: How to Refurbish the Cylinder

    If you do not have access to a barrel micrometer, you can make this measurement with a dial caliper. Step-2: Install Valves The cylinder heads have been cleaned, Magna-Fluxed, had new valve guides installed, and the seats refaced.

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    Besides trick parts, such as stainless-steel valves and porting work, there are also some optional modifications you can do to your heads if you have the money. In the case of the small-block

    What Is Cylinder Head Porting, And How Does It Increase

    What this all leads to is a fairly rough cylinder head, affecting the fluid flow as it makes its way through the side of the cylinder head and into the cylinders via the valve throat.

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    03.04.2019· before you start thinking that youll save a good deal of money on the purchase of those bare heads, youll need to be aware that the heads will require new valves, valve springs,valve spring retainers, rocker guide plates and rocker studs, valve spring retainer locks and spring seats and shims, and decent machine work, some port clean-up, valve seats cut and lapped. all of that can vary a great

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    08.04.2007· I am having leakage on the intake valves of my new Dart heads and valves on my small chevy when shop air is applied into the compustion chamber threw the spark plug hole.

    How to do a quick and cheap valve job on your tractor.

    If you don't buy new valves, you will need to reface the valves, as shown above. A machine shop can do this for you or you can buy a tool from JC Whitney for a few dollars. A machine shop can do this for you or you can buy a tool from JC Whitney for a few dollars.

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    23.05.2007· re: do not lap your valves!!!!! The reason they do not recommend that you lap your valves on the stock bikes is because most of them are titanium valves with a surface coating on the valves. If you lap them you diminish the thickness or you can completely remove the hard surface.

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    18.06.2014· There are valve jobs, screw jobs, and put in any other adjective jobs: Which do you want? If you need a valve job for a big block, high HP 454, I would recommend use the right tools. I have in the past, out of desperation done valve jobs on heads that had the valve seats in pristine condition, by putting valve grinding compound on the unground valves and handlapping the seats and valves

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    Spend enough time talking to car guys and car girls and eventually you'll probably hear them say something about valve work -- valve jobs, multi-angle valve grinding and so on.